Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services is a not for profit organisation which has been delivering a range of services for  people of the outer western suburbs since 1989.

Djerriwarrh was born from the ashes of the CYSS (Community Youth Services Scheme) program in 1989 with the support of the Melton City Council and since its inception has provided effective education, employment and support services to many thousands of people.

Djerriwarrh’s first home was 7 McKenzie Street, Melton and in 1991 the organisation moved to the ‘White House’ at 239 Station Rd, Melton where to this day it is still located. In 1995 an office was built next door at 241 Station Rd to accommodate an expanding work force and in 1998 a suite of 4 training rooms was built on the same site.

SkillShare was the starting point program in 1989. This program was designed to provide training to those displaced from the labour force so that with up to date skills their employment opportunites were enhanced.

When the CES  was disbanded in 1998 and replaced by the privatised Job Network, Djerriwarrh through membership with Job Futures became a provider of Job Network Services in Melton, Sunbury, St Albans and in later years Craigieburn. In 2009, Djerriwarrh ceased delivering Job Network and since 2012  is no longer a member of Job Futures.

Youth support programs have been a feature of Djerriwarrh since 1991 when it began the Pathways Program for young unemployed people who needed extra assistance to make the transition into employment and education. Youth programs that Djerriwarrh has delivered successfully include  Job Placement Employment and Training (JPET), Youth Pathways Program (YPP), Youth Transition Support Initiative (YTSI), School Focussed Youth Services and Youth Connections. Many of these programs have been delivered in both Melton City Council and Brimbank City Council.

Djerriwarrh became a registered Adult Community and Further Education Provider in 1996, now known as a Learn Local Provider, and continues to deliver pre accredited training in Melton.

Djerriwarrh became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) also in 1996 and now delivers accredited training courses from a range of training packages and curriculum.