26 July 2019

Location: Melton,

Financial Wellbeing Course for Women

Having confidence and knowledge about managing money is key to living an independent life.

The course will focus on building your confidence and communication skills in the context of money management. Learn to break down complex financial concepts into simple, everyday language. Be introduced to key institutions and systems in the financial services industry and public sector; and learn how to successfully navigate and communicate with these.

26 Jul – 13 Sep 2019
(8 sessions)

10:00am – 2:00pm

Course Fees

*ACFE funded:$24.00
*ACFE funded (concession):$12.00
Amenities Fee$5.00

*Individuals are eligible for ACFE funding if they hold:

  • Australian citizenship
  • New Zealand citizenship
  • an Australian permanent visa

Subject to numbers.

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Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements although it is expected that students will have basic literacy and numeracy skills, moderate computer and Internet and e-mail skills.

Delivery method

Face to face classroom delivery

Resources included

All course materials are provided.