Working with Children Check & Police Check

You must provide us with a copy of your Working with Children Check Card; it must be current.

A Working with Children Check Card must be applied for prior to course commencement.

You can apply online at

How to apply

Complete an online application form

Get a passport sized photo of yourself

Gather your proof of identity documents and lodge your application at a participating Australia Post retail outlet.

There is NO cost for a Volunteer Working with Children’s Check.

There is a cost for an Employee Working with Children Check please refer to the website for current costs.

In order to fill in your application, you will need:

  • The full address of every place you have lived in the last five years
  • Two primary ID documents

An email address so the department can let you know it has received your details

Make sure you read the instructions first then follow the prompts.

You are applying for a Working with Children’s Check as a VOLUNTEER

Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services are not your employer

For Children’s Certificates the codes that apply to you are 14, 16 & 18

Make sure to enter the codes under Volunteer

Police Check  

You must provide us with a copy of your Police Certificate; it must be dated within 3 months of course commencement.

Police check must be applied for prior to course commencement. You can apply for your Police Check on line at or pick up an application form from your local police station.

Hints to assist in filling in of forms:

Make sure you read the instructions first

Section A       Type of check required

  • You are applying for a National name check.

Section B       Details of Applicant

  • You need to supply your personal details.

Section C       Current, postal and previous residential address/s

  • You must supply street number, name and suburb in the residential address section. Note a PO Box down in the postal address section.
  • Any previous residential details if applicable.

Section D       Payment Provider

  • Use the ‘NO’ box and proceed to section E.

Section E       Purpose of check

  • Use option2 – Volunteer/authorised student/Family Day Care resident
  • Use first box – Contact with children
  • Complete Declaration of volunteer/authorised student/Family Day

Care resident status

Name of organisation                                 Djerriwarrh Services

Name of organisation’s representative     Leave Blank

Daytime contact phone number/mobile    03 87461000

Section F       Certification, authorisation and statement of consent and indemnity

  • This must be signed in the presence of the certifier

i.e. Justice of the Peace, Police Officer etc.

Section G       Proof of Identity

  • You must supply a minimum of 100 points.
  • You must supply at least one document from Category A.
  • Identity documents must include:
  • a current photo
  • your current residential address
  • your signature
  • your date of birth

Your driver’s licence has all of this info on it, providing it is up to date.

It satisfies the Category A document but it is only worth 40 points, you will still need to supply other id.

Your documents need to be photocopied so after you have completed the application, bring it in to Djerriwarrh Community & Education Services, we will photocopy your documents and verify you are a student of ours. For current costs please refer to

Your documents also need to be verified in the presence of a certifier. i.e. Justice of the Peace, Police Officer etc.