Student Support Services

Djerriwarrh will make modifications or reasonable adjustments to training and assessment plans to provide a balanced learning environment for students and meet individual needs, so that all students have the opportunity to be successful.

Language Literacy and Numeracy

Djerriwarrh provides support to students with low Language Literacy and Numeracy(LLN) skills by offering one on one support or enrolment into one of the LLN programs delivered by Djerriwarrh.  Students are assessed through the Language Literacy Numeracy Assessment and interview process to see if their LLN skills meet the required level for the training qualification they wish to enrol in.  Students are advised of the alternatives available to support them while studying or of alternate pathways to increase their LLN skills to a level suitable to gain employment in the relevant industry.

For further information, please visit the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) page.

Djerriwarrh Youth Services

Djerriwarrh delivers a range of support programs specifically designed for young people. These programs include Better Futures, School Focused Youth Services, Learner Driver Mentor Program (L2P), Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Reconnect: Engagement and Learning Support Grants Program (REALS).

For further information, please visit the Youth Services page.

Djerriwarrh Community House

Djerriwarrh Community House  offers a range of social, educational and recreational activities to meet the needs of the community.

For further information, please visit the Community House page.