The Springboard program is part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to improve life outcomes for young people living in, or, leaving residential out-of-home care by providing support, opportunities and assistance to education, training and/or employment pathways.

Dedicated youth workers can offer this assistance to eligible young people who are:

  • 16-18 years of age on a Victorian Custody or Guardianship order and in residential/lead tenant out-of-home care, or
  • Who was on a Custody or Guardianship order on their 16th birthday up to 21 years of age and no longer in residential/lead tenant out-of-home care, and
  • Disengaged from education, training and employment and requiring intensive support to access and maintain their involvement.

Springboard staff offers an effective service which includes:

  • A flexible, outreach and individual case management approach to successfully engage or re-engage young people in education, training or employment.
  • An innovative and collaborative partnership with the department, residential and lead tenant care providers, post care support teams and other referral services to maximize young people’s capacity to fulfill their pathway plans.

For more information please call 03 8746 1000