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Celebrating our L2P volunteers in Volunteer Week

By May 20, 2024No Comments

The volunteer L2P Mentors’ passion, devotion, and commitment have allowed the Melton/Moorabool L2P program to continue for almost 15 years.

The L2P program currently has 26 Volunteer mentors who are all incredibly proud of the L2P program with the longest serving mentor volunteering for 11 and a half years. During that time he has mentored over 50 students and supervised over 3,300 driving hours

During the program’s nearly 15 years of operation, 238 people have earned P plates, an accomplishment that not only puts 238 younger, safer drivers on the road but also paves the way for independence. People’s lives are transformed by the L2P program, which teaches them how to be responsible citizens and safer drivers while also providing them with a solid foundation for personal growth.

The program helps young people gain employment and education as well as helping increase social connectedness and independence. All of this is thanks to the contribution of volunteer mentors.

The volunteer mentors are the program’s greatest resource. Not only are they volunteer mentors, they also act as program ambassadors, encouraging participation and raising awareness of the initiative wherever they can.

Our volunteer mentors are the backbone of the program. Without them there would be no program. We are so proud of them and all that they do.