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Shaping Little Minds with a Big Heart

By November 15, 2021August 11th, 2022No Comments


Wendy has always been passionate in the education of young people since she was little. She hopes to inspire them and to instill a love for learning in their young minds. Through a friend’s recommendation, Wendy decided to pursue her interest by attending an information session hosted by Djerriwarrh. She later enrolled into the Certificate III in Education Support course last year. She completed her studies in June 2014 which included 110 hours of practical placement at a local primary school.

 “A small class size and an interactive trainer resulted in a fulfilling learning experience at Djerriwarrh”, said Wendy.

 An avid book reader with a particular interest in biographies, Wendy aspires to be a full-time teacher aide. She received excellent ratings in her assessments which boosted her self-esteem and confidence levels.

 “I used to feel anxious being around Year 5 & 6 kids, but now feel like I am contributing in the classroom through the knowledge and skills gained from the course”, shared Wendy.